Animal Dash is a simple endless runner that requires only a tap! Players tap the screen to change direction and have to stay on the trail as long as they can and collect as many gems as they can. Gems can unlock new animals that are faster and or bigger.


  • Solo Development

The aim of this project was to simply publish the game on the iOS store and Google Play. I developed the game over a few days but it took me a lot longer to fulfil the stores criteria and publish the game and to update with small bug fixes. I wanted to go through the entire pipeline of publishing and taught myself by watching video tutorials and researching.

I also experimented with using Unity Ads and Unity In-app purchasing so that I would be more knowledgeable about the whole mobile development pipeline for the future.

The development also taught me a lot about optimisation for mobiles since I had to significantly reduce the RAM usage so that most phones could support it.


  • Trailer

  • Icons

  • Advertisements

  • UI

  • Saving purchased skins

  • Store/Shop/Skins System

  • IAP


  • Publishing pipeline for mobile

  • Mobile optimisation

  • C# scripting

  • UI/UX design