Project Virus

Project Virus is a fast-paced, third-person, neon-soaked, character action game, where the player fights a series of bosses, with a focus on meaningful and satisfying combat. The player will be expected to actively attack the bosses, harassing them with light attacks, dodging through their attacks and finding openings to use their more powerful techniques.

A three-stage boss fight demo of a proposed boss rush game. Developed alongside a programmer and two fellow designers.*


  • Gameplay Design

My main role within this project was to design and implement the player in terms of the gameplay. I designed the players abilities and implemented them into Unity using C#. This included the basic melee combat system and the telekinetic ability.

I aimed to create fast-paced combat so I decided to chain attacks in quick succession but with the optional choice of using a larger, more damaging weapon.  The player has no stamina so that they play as aggressively as possible and quick dash cooldowns allow them to escape quickly but also manoeuvre around the enemy and attack from behind.

The player can also do air attacks as this was vital if the player was to fight a flying enemy. These attacks however are not limitless as we didn't want the player to be able to consistently perform airborne strikes and float in the air. Therefore a final combo attack performs an AOE on the ground. This allowed the airborne combat to be usable on grounded opponents as well as airborne.

The player also phases during the dodge so that well-timed dodges avoid taking any damage whatsoever.


  • I created the small cutscenes to show the player the changing stages more clearly and the final ending cutscene.

  • Player character effects (phasing, trail fx etc)


  • Combat/Gameplay design

  • C# scripting

  • Collaboration