The Forest is a simple interactive experience research project. There are three identical levels using different visual language to guide the player to the end. The study aimed to determine the most efficient types of visual language at guiding players through a generic exterior level.


  • Solo Developer/Researcher

This level was created as an experiment to observe the most effective uses of visual language to guide players through levels. The aim was to use visual language that can be used regardless of game context, can be implemented quickly, and is usable in a generic level without forcing vistas or cinematics etc.

The base-level consists of 3 main choice areas that the player must make a choice to get to the end as quickly as possible, some of these lead to the end but some are dead ends. The player can only walk at a set pace to traverse the level and the key places they travel to are tracked with triggers and a trail of their route is recorded.

The idea in each level is to observe the speed at which players reach their destination (to determine which form guided the player to the end quickest) and to understand what types of visual language is most clear to them (to determine which form was more obvious ,and in turn, more likely to ruin the state of flow).

Since I had a very small timeline of production I decided to use Unity's book of the dead scene and altered it to fit my needs. This allowed me to focus on researching and impleneting visual language rather than building a whole realistic scene from scratch.


  • Saving data to drives

  • Screenshots during runtime.

  • Occlusion culling

  • Boundaries/Collision Design


  • Level Design

  • Visual language

  • Researching