HACKTIVIST follows a hacker in the dark future. Having been put into virtual world to target a corporation’s darkest secrets, he became captured and is now trapped in a quarantine file. The hacker must now ally with outside help to hack back into the corporation’s systems to complete the job they came to do and then break himself out of the system before the corporation can match his brain activity against him in the real world.


  • Level Design

My most dominant role within this project was the space level, known as "The Cloud". I created the level from scratch using modular assets and all of Unity's tools to fulfil the levels smooth playthrough. This included all the scripted events, visual language and interactions.

With such a small, short level I tried to think of ways to extend the experience without being simply walking around. Therefore I did add a simple puzzle for the player as they have to find the power room and turn on the generator. Hints being reveladed directly through dialogue or using visual language (primarily colour) to visually help the player. This broke up and prolonged gameplay for the level that little bit more.

I found it fun but difficult to portray a space station that had no use functionally to humans but represented "visualised data". This made me think carefully what decoratoins I were putting in and made me rethink the level itself mutliple times as there would theoretically be no need for a "bridge" or "crew quarters" but these areas add to the theme of the level.

With the development timeline being very short, I sturggled to create the mood and lighting I desired in my level to make each of the locations stand out to the player. Therefore, I had to settle for using signpositing to essentially tell the player exactly where rooms were.

The levels documentation can be seen with the button in the bottom right (The cloud document starts on page 13)

  • The White Room

I also helped create the white room; the first level in the game. I created its functionality, scripted events and non-character animations.

  • Narrative & Dialogue

The whole team (3 Designers) created the script together since it was our first narrative orientated game. I also play the voice of the interrogator and implemented some of the dialogue into the game.


  • Banner and  thumbnail creation - The night and day reflecting the two outcomes the game has.

  • Audio management (Sliders affecting volumes etc)

  • Choices impacting gameplay

  • I voiced the 'Interrogator' character - dont worry, I dont actually sound like that.


  • C# Scripted events

  • Level Design

  • UX design