Junior Game Designer

September 2021 - Current

During my time at Kwalee, my main focus was on Hypercasual games. This was an exciting opportunity where I was given responsibility that I could only dream of as a Junior Designer. My role included market research, brainstorming for game ideas, creatives and ad ideas. I was involved with designing full production titles, brainstorming ideas and finalising details with the Head of Design and Head of Development before writing up the design document and kicking off the project with the dev team. 

I got to experience a wide variety of games and helped design many different aspects, including making levels for 2.5D racing games, 3D racing games and even making and balancing over 100 levels for Kwalee's first casual title. I designed and balanced economies and helped write dialogue into some of our narrative driven simulation games. 

The role also involved designing analytic events, obtaining and analysing data for our games and using the data to create solutions to increase the games metrics. Sometimes also designing AB tests to improve specific KPIs.

During my time I also tried to increases the efficiency of some of our processes, this included working with our server team on automating processes that were originally done manually.

I especially loved my time working on Kwalee's casual game. This involved coming up with level mechanics and working with the dev team to prototype and test out said mechanic or features and help improve them before implementing them into the game. Being given the privilege of being able to come up with some cool level mechanics, make them and implement them into a full scale casual game was super exciting and fun.

For any more information or details on my time at Kwalee, feel free to contact me!

Notable Projects


Casual Mobile Game (Unreleased)

Level Design (100+ levels)


Traffic Cop 3D 

Audio Design and implementation


Gun Tycoon

 Character dialogue


Skate Rush 3D

3C's, Economy, level and game design