My first attempt at an FPS prototype. An endless series of waves of 3/4 different enemy types. The game is inspired by Call of Duty zombies with the possibility to upgrade your weapon, use a teleporter but also has unique mechanics such as a handblast, dashing and a special ability to wipe out a large amount of enemies at once. I challenged myself to make the game under 4 weeks from scratch.


  • Solo Developer

This prototype was my first try at an FPS. I implemented everything from scratch and tried my hand at Unity's HDRP. My favourite thing in this project is the main menu camera timeline. It shows off the key areas of the level whilst also retaining a cool, almost borderlands aesthetic with the world space canvases.

I also wanted to cater the levels design for the gameplay. This meant having open areas to "train" the aliens and having wide doorways and even having a dead end catwalk so that players could "camp" and then jump down the chute when in dire need. This really helps the player play the game in different stlyes. The wide areas allowed players to run around enemies and keep moving but there were also spots for those who were more conservative to camp and kill from a distance.

I struggled to find animations for the game so I had to create them from scratch. As I know I am not an expert in animation and had a small timeline of production, I opted for the player to use their power to reload and perform a hand gesture rather than perform a reload animation. This turned out looking pretty cool with the hand changing material midway to make the animation more fun. I also enjoyed creating the gun logic with different gun types and creating recoil and spreads. 

However, the AI in the game is an extremely simplified state machine that could do with some vigorous improvement. This is an area I am aiming to improve for my FMP.


  • Camera Timeline Main Menu

  • Animation


  • Gameplay Design

  • C# Scripting

  • Level design