• Josh Hardy

QA Testing Udemy Course Completion

The last two weeks have been rough since I have been recovering from Covid. However, I am back on the game dev and online course track. Our team for jamfuzer has been hit with an abundance of problems early on but we plan to take the game further than the jam so we aren't too worried about it for now as we have solved all the issues thus far. I have just finished completing the QA testing course I purchased on Udemy. It mostly covered what I had learned in University but covered Jira in more detail and went further into API's and testing websites, rather than games. However, the skills I feel I have solidified and some refreshed can easily be transferred to QA testing in the games industry and the course acted as a nice refresher and reminder as to how to QA properly and the improtance of QA.

I have now completed several of my long list of courses and I am going to continue with my Unreal Blueprint course alongside Jamfuzer and my prototyping. I always love learning new things and that's why I think these courses are important to me. Knowing more and growing is not just fun it also develops me as a person and makes me become more useful and skilled.


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