• Josh Hardy

Fall Guys Prototype #1 - Mechanic/Level Idea

So, as a fan of the physics based fun chaos that Fall Guys is. I decided to try think of new ways of using the existing mechanics and creating a level using their own level design pillars. This level is very short compared to one of their Race levels and would not operate as a whole level but could be apart of one. The main componenet here is the new mechanic I wanted to add. Players can grab items (if not everything) including other players in the game, so I thought a cool way to use this would be to make the players hold a swinging object that the player needs to time to release to reach the other side, or fall into the slime. A bit like spiderman but instead of using a real simulated web/rope or something similar, I felt that animated moving rods fits better with the rest of the components of the game. This does not represent the current theme however and would be a standard map (could probably easily be turned or used in a themed level if I wanted to). Anyway, I made a quick, small blockout of what the part of the level could look like and here it is:

I tried to keep the level in line with Mediatonics level design pillars; being reminscent of old TV gameshows, being completely different to other levels, being able to explain it in 3 words (swing, steadfast-a bit of a stretch, spin). The level is intuitive and I think would be a great basis to create some fun content with. I also have a few little obstacles but they were placeholders as the area could have all sorts of obstacles whether thats moving walls or inflatable rod-like things I used (like one of those blow up assault courses you see at a kids birthday party). Anyway, the space was left relatively clear since it was not the focus of the greybox.

I tried to keep the blockout familar with fall guys' colour palette but I also wanted to show artists and other designers what objects are what. So the green highlights the correct path for players, red is obstacles, yellow is general/props and pink is the slime, I also made the swing arms pink because yellow looked a little confliciting but really I shouldnt have done that if I wanted to be as clear as possible with my colour palette.

Potential Issues could be that the bounce pad I made is too small and too difficult to jump on without being pushed off by another player. The thin beam platform with cannons shooting at you may also be difficult and the objects would need to be forced off the platform to allow players to pass, the players could perhaps push them off aswell to stop the platform from remaining blocked.

I have a more developed Team Level in mind that also follows the games current theme of 80's Retro Future so watch out for that coming soon!


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