• Josh Hardy

Fall Guys Prototype #2 - New Game Mode

I have come up with a fun, unique idea for a Fall Guys game mode that fits the current theme. I have noticed that making these prototypes there are more problems that come up than expected. I cannot test the levels properly either and this means that the idea may be good but the current execution needs to be tweaked to work within the game itself. Problems that keep cropping up are mainly based on making the stages actually work. This stage for example could take a team way too long to win and therefore the levels design would need to change or other things would need to be used to escalate game progress. (You could have a time limit and score could be based on how long its in the opposing teams half for example).

Anyway, the new idea is a team based game with 2 teams of between 3-6 players (per team). The level is essentially a giant 2-player pinball machine with some of the current games obstacles to disrupt the gameplay. Teams must work together to push the ball past the opposing teams flippity bippities. The catch is that both sides are on a slight elevation to make the ball fall towards the flippers (like real pinball) making it ideal to keep the ball in the other teams half. The flippers could be automatic with either timed intervals or a sensor when an object is within reach OR even a button could be placed for players to jump on to activate them.

A large issue I can think of is how bouncy the walls and how strong the flippers are. It may seem unfair to have the ball bouncing around knocking players over so the ball would need to be less reactive than normal pinball but balanced to make it move up a slope by being pushed by a few players.

Anywho, here's a small blockout I made of what it could potentially look like :D

I really enjoyed this prototype as i feel like it fits the theme well, utilises alot of assets the game already has and jumbles it into a fun little minigame. I used small gaps with lightning rods and force-fields so that players would also need to time their pushes. They can also push through gaps to avoid players or time their run to a different section of the middle.

I have some more ideas brewing but I need to continue with my other projects this week so maybe next weekend I will make another! XD

Thanks for reading!


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