• Josh Hardy

Final Major Project - Polishing Further 1/2

After some more feedback and watching testers play my game, I decided to work on the parts of my level that I knew needed work but I previously avoided. The main point here is the stretched textures on the cliffs in my level. They are visible in the trailer and look a little something like this:

After some research I found out its due to how Unity calculates UV's on their terrain. They use a top down (X,Y : 2-dimensional) projection so from a birds eye view everything would look fine, but as soon as you add depth, the textures are super stretched since its not calculated into the UV. This is performant but looks terrible in some cases. There were ways to fix it such as modelling and creating UVs myself, creating a custom shader to calculate UVs using 3 dimensions (Triplanar) OR the option I opted for since my project is due in one week: Get an asset that does it for you . I got Microsplat (Booth, 2021) from the Unity asset store (Link at the bottom of the post). This asset allowed me to use triplanar UVs and this is the result (with extra decoration of course):

I also took advantage of some of the anti-tiling techniques by adding a normal map over the rock wall texture so that there is some extra depth and the tiling is broken up a little.

I decided to use some other features such as terrain blending to help objects that looked a little odd and stood out too much to blend in a little more:

This really helped gel certain bits together and make them feel part of the environment.

Here is a link to the asset:


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