• Josh Hardy

My Final Major Project - Wildlife & Polishing

Whilst testing my game, I felt like something was missing from the environment. Plus, I wanted my small game to be filled with content. Therefore I decided to add wildlife to the level. I added rabbits and wolves since they are two commonplace animals in the given locations. Also, I wanted to add a magic Boar in reference to Freya's magical boar but felt that without making it a key character/companion and just a random boar would be lackluster and those that would get the reference would only want more. Therefore, I decided that I would not implement a boar until maybe after submission.

I created a small den for the wolves too with a boss wolf inside. This is extra content for the player with some rewards inside. This just rewards those who explore and desire more content. There is some environemntal storytelling too as the wolves have recently killed a man whos body has been clearly dragged into the den. This leads the player into the den, into the jaws of the giant wolf.

I did encounter some issues with the animasl since they were using the same AI as normal enemies but due to them not being humanoid, their ranges (attack range, stopping distances) were off, plus the player would snap onto their head when getting too close. Also, the players combat turns off root motion when within a certain distance so this would not happen on a humanoid but since the wolves are longer the distance to deactivate root motion is not great enough. Therefore, an extra check was implemented to detect what enemy was being attacked and whether it was an animal or not. If it is an animal, the root motoin deactivation is now a greater range, plus wolves also have colliders similar to humanoids (Y-axis orientated capsule) so they behave as simlarly as a human and the players attacks always land (some attacks were not low enough to make contact with the wolves beforehand).


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