• Josh Hardy

My Final Major Project 11 - The Endgame

So after 7 weeks since handing in the project plan and entering full on development, my project is in the last of its development cycle. I have been polishing for around 3 weeks now and I have done the first draft of my project report. I have been testing for around a week but getting testers online is proving to be more difficult than I imagined. I will be pushing for more testers over the next week or so as my fellow students enter the testing stages so I can do a quid pro quo with them. I will also attempt my other channels again too.

For my testing, I have set up an itch page with a downloadable file and I have set up two surveys/reports for testers to use. The first is a bug report which I did some research (SoftwareTestingHelp, 2017) to obtain a good formatting for the report that includes vital data but do not take too much time for testers to fill out since they are doing this for free. I also have a seperate recommendation form for those that do not find bugs but still have recommendations for player experience etc.

The information obtained by the reports will form a table and I can easily see the bugs and using priority and severity I can see whihc ones will need addressing first.

Since I am nearing the end of development and I am spending less time on my project. I am now also planning ahead for my career. I am already planning my next game since the next project I will make I will not make from scratch and I will focus more on designing the gameplay and the levels. I will use as many tools as I can so that I can focus on making the content I want to create and focus on the fun. I also aim to release the game on steam to gain an understanding of the publishing pipeline for that store.

I will continue to spend several hours a day polihsing and trying to get testers for my current project until it has been submitted for the assignment. However, I have decided I will not take the project further.


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