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My Final Major Project - 4 The Story so far

My games story is that of the Vanir Goddess, Freya. She was a vanir goddess who married (She married Odin) into the aesir tribe to make peace (the Vanir tribe and Aesir tribe were at war). Odin was a cruel and power hungry man. He gave his eye for knowledge and hung himself on Ydrassil to learn the runes of the other worlds. He treated her poorly and so she left him. She is still part of the aesir clan and protects mankind on Midgard when needed. Not so long ago, Loki killed her son : Baldr. Ever since, she has been on a vendetta. After hearing about the Ice giant presence in Midgard, she travelled there to find the ice giants (and most likely Loki since he is always the one causing trouble) and get her revenge.

The game will try to take as much lore from Norse myth as possible as it interested me greatly and I even listened to an audiobook from Neil Gaiman about Norse stories to gain a better understanding of characters and for inspiration. However, the level is short and I have limited time so developing a web of characters and backstories would take too long for this project. I would like to expand the characters for a potential full game in the future.

The levels story will be simple, Freya is trying to find the ice giants and intends to kill them.

She starts off in a forest where she encounters draugar and then meets a dwarf. The dwarf guides her to a village and tells her she needs a special object form the witch to get into the giant's mountain base. She goes to the witch, gets the crystal, goes into the mountain, kills the giants, goes to the top and fights the leader of the giants : Skrymir. There will also be a side quest of finding the dwarf's daughter by following the axe trail and defeating the rock monster. The rock monster and crystal will be two resources that will allow the player to improve their abilities - hopefully. As the game is one level, the story will be short and pass through each phase quickly. The level has been split into three areas each representing a different phase in the story: The Forest - Introduction phase, The Snow Area/Village - The development phase, Top of the mountain - The conclusion phase.

The full script can be seen below. Initially, I started off too much like writing a book and then realised this was wasting too much and began writing more clearly and plainly.

I have never been great at writing dialogue, as I found out writing dialogue for a Warcraft 3 campaign :). After having more practice though I hope that this dialogue is now more realistic and fun.

Josh Character design Valhalla
Download DOCX • 18KB


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