• Josh Hardy

My Final Major Project - Overview

My final major project is a single level in a Norse themed, action-adventure game. However, I will be making everything from scratch such as the movement, combat, economy systems and puzzles. Essentially it will be a short full game with a short narrative and (hopefully) fun gameplay. The combat will be reminiscent of Santa Monica's God of War (2018) and Ubisoft's Assassins Creed Valhalla (2020) with a close, intimate third-person camera, savage attacks and finishing moves. There will also be a small magic ability system that is also going to be the key to the puzzles in the game. The level will have linear and non-linear segments so that the player can be guided at the start but be in control after getting used to the controls. More posts about my current progress to date to follow, I will split them up most likely in a categorised way rather than chronologically until I have posted up to my current state.


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