• Josh Hardy

My Final Major Project 8 - Quests, Dialogue and polishing

I completed implementing the quests and dialogue into the game and changed the dwarf's AI to make him lead the player rather than follow the player back to the village. This is a way to guide the player plus makes more sense logically. It did not prove to be difficult apart from the pathfinding walking in some weird places.

I also changed locked gate chain to a rune pillar to keep the freezable objects appearance all the same as one level with different objects that can be frozen would be confusing.


AFTER - Its now opened by smashing the rune. The effect with the same colour is a way to tell the player its unpassable and also the same colours make the objects feel linked (Gestalt)

Changed animation state layers, attacks and magic attacks when chained caused issues so making them the same layer ensures they never play alongside each other at the cost of the layer looking a little messy.

Added improvable weapons. Sword adds stamina on hit when enhanced. Chose to enhance weapon so the player would have a reason to look around/ be rewarded for looking around with silver and rare items that ultimately can be used for a greater good than just being there – I dislike meaningless collecting.

Lock on camera improvements. Still needs editing a bit. Cinemachine is not letting me use damping otherwise it makes everything judder. So some camera movements aren’t as smooth as id like.

Finishers – made it so the enemies are on the ground/don’t go through the ground or buildings during finishers. This has stopped them going through the map, but now means if you perform a finisher near a wall or rock etc the enemy if pushed into it will now slide out of position so the players animation doesn’t hit the enemy. Could maybe overlap sphere a range and see where the closest objects in the way are and then move the player and enemy away so they don’t risk walking into it. 100% a very late stretch goal.

Extra checkpoints – weren’t any inside or at the top of mountain and having to run all that way would be long.

Bug report – created a bug report following some online guidance as to what a bug report contains. This will allow me to post alongside the build on itch so people can submit bug reports that will be converted into a table. I will start the testing most likely this weekend . During this time, I can start my report and then in a few days come back to a lovely list of fixes :D

Having some trouble with the quest system. Had to have extra game objects so the player could have two types of conversation (stood still and one whilst moving) as the system deactivated player movement on conversation start. Plus the conditions don’t have like brackets so I cant compile ‘ands’ with ‘ors’. It lets me do it but I feel like it doesn’t work the way it does in my c# head.

I have spent alot of time playing and polishing. My technique is to play the game completely and look for things i dislike or just per chance find bugs. It is mainly ad hoc and i am not testing specific areas/functions as I tend to do that when originally implementing. However, I have already experienced issues where i have renamed a variable in the quest system and tried to reference it in a quest description or as a conditino for dialogue and its causing errors. So testing the dialogue and quests is probably the most improtant part right now as there are many times the player cna interact with many conditions and outcomes based on what the player has active as a quest or what they have collected etc. Here is a screenshot from my ad-hoc testing to do list hwere I polay and then write down things I notice wrong.

72/81 So far!


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