• Josh Hardy

Game Jobs Live Event - My thoughts and next steps

The game jobs live event had some great presentations from amazing companies on the south coast today. Including established companies such as Creative Assembly (The largest employer in the games industry in the UK) and Studio Gobo. I had not known much about Studio Gobo before the event but they look like a great company. They are a co-development company so they don't just work on their own IP's they help other AAA companies develop their projects. That means quite a varied amount of projects but they tend to participate in AAA character action games - my favourite genre.

There was also some really great advice about how to get into the industry although it was made clear that junior design roles are an extreme rarity. This may mean I might have to try my hand at QA beforehand to step into the industry which I would love to do anyway. I love games and i love the industry and being part of a team that creates amazing games would be a dream.

However, I could spend some more time honing my design skills (within a particular speciality) so that I am experiencedenough to perhaps apply for a non-internship role and try my hand at associate positions. However, I am torn between two disciplines: Level and Gameplay design. I love thinking about combat and desigining player experiences, but I also love building levels, designing the levels flow and events and using architecture theory and colour theory to help players along and cater to the game mechanics. But from what I have researched, there are a lot more level design roles than gameplay/combat design roles and since it is also one of my favourite disciplines, I think from here on out, I will start developing my level designs further and master block meshing. I can then also mess around with crafting novel mechanics in my spare time since I enjoy doing it.


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