• Josh Hardy

My Final Major Project - Gameplay Trailer

Nearing the end, I needed a boost of testers/players for my game to get as much feedback as possible. Plus, as part of the hand in we need to submit a video of our projects. Therefore, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I thought that creating a gameplay video and re uploading my game on itch a new will give me an extra surge of players.

I started off by researching ways of creating trailers for indie games. Obviously a cinematic trailer was out the picture but a gameplay trailer can look good and satisfy my criteria for hand in too. I watched the Game Makers Toolkit video on YouTube "How to Make an Indie Game Trailer" (2019) and observed the graph of Rising Intensity by Derek Lieu (GDC, 2019).

I decided to use it for guidance. I started off my trailer with a cinematic and an abundance of executions. This then all comes to a halt as everything calms down and I show off the levels areas and colours and sometimes cutting on the beat for satisfaction. I then slowly add more mechanics and gameplay, ending up with more intense action and finalising on a cinematic boom with the games new logo. I had to remake the logo to fit with a black background so it fit better in the trailer. I am happy with the lgoo but its not as colurful as before. I also tried to keep the focal point in the same area so that (especially with fast cuts) the observer is already looking at the point of interest.

I spent hours and hours recording executions and gameplay and most of the time I forgot to disable the UI so there are parts containing some of the UI but its never smothering and also shows the game does actually have quests rather than being an aimless adventure, which I think is actually a bit of a good thing.

You can watch the trailer I made here:


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