• Josh Hardy

Welcome to my blog!

I am currently a Third Year Games Design student at Solent University. I enjoy designing and creating gameplay and experiences as they intertwine creativity and problem solving. I love playing action-adventure games with a good narrative hook to keep me engaged and would love to help create games of the genre as they are what I am most passionate about. I am aiming to become a game designer in the industry, I enjoy every aspect of game design so I would like to be a general designer so that I can help anywhere and learn as much as possible. I hope to experience working in a great AAA studio with a host of talented individuals from that I can learn and grow. Ultimately, I wish to become an industry veteran creating award-winning games with great people. This blog will be a way for me to update everyone on my progress on my current projects and demonstrate my designing techniques and thought process. I will also share other design processes and techniques I find interesting or worth talking about. Thanks for reading! :)


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